Our Honest Review: Niidor Adhesive Bra & Nipple Covers

Our Honest Review: Niidor Adhesive Bra & Nipple Covers

As avid fashion enthusiasts always on the lookout for the perfect undergarment solution for tricky outfits, we recently stumbled upon the Niidor Adhesive Bra. We were intrigued by its promise of being a strapless, sticky, invisible push up silicone bra designed specifically for backless dresses. Adding to the appeal were the included nipple covers, making it a versatile and practical option for a variety of wardrobe choices. After trying it out for ourselves, we couldn’t wait to share our thoughts on this innovative product. Join us as we dive into our experience with the Niidor Adhesive Bra and see if it lives up to the hype!

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After trying out this adhesive bra for ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it stayed in place throughout the day. The silicone material provided a comfortable and secure fit, allowing us to confidently wear backless dresses without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions. The adhesive was strong enough to hold everything in place, but also easy to remove without any discomfort.

We also appreciated the inclusion of nipple covers, which added an extra layer of security and coverage. The bra is perfect for a variety of occasions, from formal events to casual outings. The fact that it is invisible under clothing makes it a versatile option for any outfit. Overall, we highly recommend giving this adhesive bra a try for a seamless and comfortable wearing experience.

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Innovative Design and Material

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When it comes to the Niidor Adhesive Bra, we were truly impressed by its innovative design and high-quality material. The silicone material used for this strapless bra is both durable and comfortable, making it perfect for wearing with backless dresses or tops. The adhesive feature adds the perfect touch of convenience, providing a secure and discreet hold for all-day wear.

What sets this adhesive bra apart is its invisible push-up design, which enhances cleavage while remaining undetectable under clothing. The inclusion of nipple covers adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing for a seamless and natural look. The attention to detail in the design ensures a snug fit without causing any discomfort. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of support this adhesive bra provides, making it a must-have for any wardrobe. Experience the comfort and style of the Niidor Adhesive Bra for yourself! Check it out here.

Comfort and Support

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When it comes to , the Niidor Adhesive Bra truly delivers. The silicone material feels soft against the skin, providing a gentle touch that ensures all-day comfort. The push-up design offers just the right amount of support to enhance your natural shape and keep everything in place, no matter what you’re wearing.

The invisible and strapless design of this bra makes it perfect for backless dresses or tops, allowing you to wear your favorite outfits with confidence. The adhesive ensures a secure fit without any uncomfortable straps digging into your skin. Pair it with the included nipple covers for a seamless and discrete look. Trust us, you won’t even know you’re wearing it! Check it out on Amazon.

Our Recommendation

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After trying out this innovative adhesive bra, we can confidently say that it is a game-changer for backless dresses and tops. The silicone material provides a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to move with confidence all day or night. The push-up design enhances your cleavage, giving you that extra boost of confidence. Plus, the included nipple covers ensure a smooth and seamless look under any outfit.

<p>We were impressed by the durability of this bra, as it stayed in place without losing its stickiness throughout the day. The subtle nude color blends seamlessly with your skin, making it virtually invisible under clothing. Whether you're heading to a special event or just want added support in your everyday attire, this adhesive bra is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.</p>

Product Details:

Date First Available December 24, 2021

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Niidor Adhesive Bra and Nipple Covers, we found a range of opinions and experiences from different users. Here is a summary of what customers had to say:

Review Rating Comments
1 5/5 “Perfect for a wedding in the Caribbean, stayed put even in sweat.”
2 5/5 “Impressively stayed on through a 4-hour dance event.”
3 4/5 “Very sticky, easy to remove, but doesn’t breathe.”
4 5/5 “Exceeded expectations for a backless jumpsuit in humid weather.”
5 4/5 “Sticky and long-lasting, great for multiple wears.”
6 3/5 “Works somewhat for big busts, more suited for smaller cup sizes.”
7 2/5 “Great potential but poor packaging, edges curled and lost stickiness.”
8 4/5 “Small cup sizes work well, larger sizes have some empty space.”
9 5/5 “Surprisingly strong hold, even in sweaty dancing conditions.”
10 4/5 “Really sticky, strange to put on initially, but effective.”

Overall, the Niidor Adhesive Bra and Nipple Covers received positive feedback for their adhesive strength and longevity, especially in hot and humid conditions. While some users found them more suitable for smaller cup sizes, others were impressed by their ability to provide lift and support. Packaging quality and initial fit were areas of improvement suggested by a few reviewers. Despite these minor issues, the majority of customers were satisfied with the performance of the product.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Comfortable fit
2. Invisible under clothing
3. Push-up effect for enhanced cleavage
4. Nipple covers included
5. Easy to clean and reuse


1. May not provide enough support for larger bust sizes
2. Adhesive may lose stickiness over time
3. Nipple covers may not stay in place

Overall, we found the Niidor Adhesive Bra and Nipple Covers to be a convenient solution for wearing backless dresses and tops. While they offer a comfortable fit and a push-up effect for added cleavage, they may not be suitable for all bust sizes. Additionally, the adhesive may not last as long as desired, and the nipple covers may require readjustment throughout the day. However, for those looking for a quick and easy bra solution for special occasions, this product may be worth considering.


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Q: How well does the Niidor Adhesive Bra stay in place?
A: We found that the Niidor Adhesive Bra stays in place surprisingly well, even through a night of dancing and sweating. The sticky silicone material really grips onto your skin, providing a secure hold without any slipping or sliding.

Q: Is the push-up effect noticeable with this bra?
A: Yes, the push-up effect is definitely noticeable with the Niidor Adhesive Bra. The cups are designed to lift and enhance your cleavage, giving you a natural-looking push-up effect that is perfect for backless dresses and tops.

Q: Are the nipple covers included with the bra worth it?
A: We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the included nipple covers. They are soft, smooth, and provide good coverage to prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, they are reusable, making them a great addition to this set.

Q: How easy is it to clean and maintain this bra?
A: Cleaning and maintaining the Niidor Adhesive Bra is quite simple. Just hand wash it with mild soap and water, then air dry. Make sure to store it in the provided packaging to keep the adhesive sticky for multiple uses.

Q: Does the Niidor Adhesive Bra come in different sizes?
A: Yes, the Niidor Adhesive Bra comes in a range of sizes to fit different cup sizes. Make sure to check the sizing chart provided by the seller to find the perfect fit for you.

Q: Can you wear the Niidor Adhesive Bra multiple times?
A: Yes, the Niidor Adhesive Bra is designed for multiple uses. With proper care and maintenance, you can wear this bra numerous times, making it a great investment for those special occasions when you need a backless and strapless solution.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our honest review of the Niidor Adhesive Bra & Nipple Covers, we can confidently say that this product exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort, support, and invisibility under backless dresses. With its sticky silicone material and push-up design, this bra is a game-changer for all your fashion needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for backless outfits, we highly recommend giving the Niidor Adhesive Bra a try. Don’t let traditional bras limit your wardrobe choices any longer. Embrace the freedom and versatility of this innovative undergarment.

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Thank you for joining us on this review journey. We hope our insights have been helpful in your decision-making process. Stay stylish and supported with Niidor!

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